CACC’s Adopted Approach:

CACC’s Agreed Definition of Keywords:

  1. Fake Degree– Degrees offered by degree mills, fraudulently manufactured/ acquired by the holder from a non-existing school or who did not attend the school that is said to have offered the degree. 
  2. Degree Mill– Fraudulent businesses that claim to be legitimate higher education institutions and award certifications for a fee without reasonably evaluating any student’s work
  3. Substandard School– Schools that fall short of regional, national, and state accreditation combined.
  4. Degree Misrepresentation– Where a person legitimately acquired a degree from a legit school in a certain discipline, but extended it to discipline or areas of discipline not specifically covered under the degree program or specification. 

Procedural steps for admission of new members:

  1. Expression of interest underpinned by
  2. Recommendation from a member (s)
  3. Due diligence lead along with team conduct background check in line with our values and recommends findings to lead campaigner or coordinator
  4. Lead campaigner forward findings to cluster lead for comments.
  5. Once the feedback is substantially supportive of admission, the lead campaigner submits the same to cluster leads for adoption.
  6. When inducted, new members are placed under cluster lead based on their area of proficiency.

Structural framework

  1. The CACC shall be divided into clusters led by a lead.
  2. Each cluster shall be responsible for a specific duty/function
  3. Current and outstanding campaigners shall be assigned to clusters as leads
  4. The clusters shall be coordinated by the lead campaigner.


Do you know of anybody who has a fake credential or planning to fake his/her credential? Please email us: or or call our hotline: Confidentially is 100% guaranteed!